What is the Gospel? Part 5

Repent and believe. Two key words to knowing the gospel as good news for us. It is because of the cross that all people can come to the King and benefit from his righteous rule.

What is the Gospel? Part 4

In order for the kingdom of God to be restored, the death of a sinless sacrifice on behalf of the many had to take place.

What is the Gospel? Part 3

If we must insist on the kingdom being established at creation, then we must also insist on the very sad and grievous reality that this world is currently not the same, and this is because of the ‘kingdom rebellion’.

What is the Gospel? Part 2

Despite what some may think, Jesus did not invent the idea of the kingdom. The kingdom of God started in the Garden and has always concerned a people, a place, and kingly power.

What is the Gospel? Part 1

Too often our ideas about the Gospel are divorced from the text of the Bible as a whole. Christians can certainly get into the terrible habit of wanting to always simplify things, even the Gospel.

Authority in the Local Church – A Comparative Study | Part 4

The responsibility of mediating God’s rule and working to protect what is holy is the task of every Christian. In order to faithfully exercise this responsibility, Christ has authorized his church with a heavenly sanction; he has made visible, local gathered assemblies the custodians and ambassadors of his glorious gospel.