2 Minute Synopsis: Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview

[Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash]

Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview is a long, dense and largely theoretical work. While key doctrines are proofed by Scripture where required, this is primarily a book of philosophy and not of theology. This is not for everyone, but the tools one may acquire will help them and their congregation think about Christian doctrine, its application, and its relationship with other knowledge. The main sections are: 1. Philosophy, Argumentation and Logic. 2. Epistemology. 3. Metaphysics. 4. Philosophy of Science. 5. Ethics. 6. Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology.

This textbook has given me a solid framework for Christianity-and-blank. This includes: science, philosophy, truth, free-will and determinism, ethics, natural theology, miracles, Christian particularism, the Trinity, the Incarnation, and many more. It has also provided me with better ways to think about opposing views like: skepticism, relativism and atheism.

The topics chosen are relevant for today, helping the reader to think and engage others with confidence, knowing she has a coherent and persuasive worldview which is grounded in Christian belief.

Many chapters are simply a survey of possible options of how to think about the topic, and the progression of philosophical thought on it. This helps the reader get a broad overview of many philosophical issues, helping him navigate difficult waters faithfully. Regarding controversial issues, the authors make it clear which options can be considered orthodox, even if they have a preference for one.

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