2 Minute Synopsis – Leading With Love

[Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash]

The Bible speaks a great deal about love. Indeed, God himself is said to be love. The Bible goes to great lengths to help believers to understand what love is and exactly what it looks like. As we move through redemptive history and come to the Cross of Christ, we begin to understand why this subject is given so much attention – Christ came to glorify God the Father as he laid down his own life to save lost sinners, purchasing their forgiveness and adoption into the very family of God. Love is at the centre of the gospel and therefore ought to be at the centre of the believer’s life and identity. 

The Bible also speaks a great deal about spiritual leadership. God has given the church very specific instructions on who is to represent him as his undershepherds and how they are to do this. Most believers are cognisant of these doctrines. Fewer Christians however, have been able to connect these two realities. In Leading With Love Alexander Strauch does an excellent job of identifying and reconciling the Bible’s teaching about love’s impact on leadership.

He accomplishes this first goal by exploring Paul’s well-known teaching on love from 1 Corinthians. 

Having thus made clear the indissoluble union of love and leadership for the pastor, Strauch then turns his attention in the following chapters to what leading with love should look like in the context of the local church.

Leading With Love helps us to move beyond the intellectual by demonstrating that ultimately the pastor is only able to lead with love because he has experienced the love of God in his own life, and he ministers to his people motivated by his own irrepressible love for his Saviour. 

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